Warrior Homesteads

Our Mission: Permanently End Veteran Homelessness


In 2014 Warrior Homesteads began accepting donations of lightly used RVs and travel trailers and immediately giving them to veterans in temperate regions in need of temporary shelter. All donated vehicles are tax-deductible, making this one of our most popular programs.

If you or a loved one would like to offer an RV or travel trailer to a veteran in need, please donate.

As well as temporary housing, Warrior Homesteads provides free permanent and sustainable housing solutions with its award-winning program Operation Tiny Tribute.

Since 2019 Operation Tiny Tribute has provided these tiny homes to qualified homeless veterans and other homeless veteran outreach centers across America.


Many of our recipients have a family member with land that will gladly host the tiny home. Other recipients utilize manufactured home community spaces. Some donors will sponsor a home on their land and hire a veteran recipient to work the land via our Homestead program.

Tiny homes are an affordable and durable way of addressing the ever-growing housing crisis. These compact and mobile units provide all of the comforts of traditional housing for a fraction of the cost and utility demand.

For more information on our tiny home program, please visit Operation Tiny Tribute.

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Our Sponsors

Warrior Homesteads™ is a Cincinnati based 501(c)(3) that provides free temporary and permanent housing to homeless and at-risk veterans.