Based on the success of “the hummingbird”, we would like to introduce you to “the MicroLoft” (ML)!! The ML is our best 12′ x 8′ wide Single Occupancy Solution (S.O.S.) for the affordable housing crisis. Unlike other travel trailers and RVs, these homes are built with the quality of a traditional modern home. Featuring a full bathroom, full length closet/pantry, kitchenette, dinette (on second floor sleeping configurations), full utilities, and can even be converted into a 100% off-grid unit!

This compact beauty is perfect for in-law suites, home offices, guest houses, mobile shops, travel homes, camping properties, or even a vacation home. Imagine having your own cabin in the woods or that little place on the beach? These mobile units are convertible (no the roof does not come off) and able to be anchored to the ground via its integral hurricane mounts!

Built from 20G cold formed steel, these small but mighty units take next to no energy to cool, and with fully insulated walls, can keep out the elements regardless of where you place it! For more information or to purchase your own MicroLoft, head over to!

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